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About Bay City Western Bands

We are the combined members and families of all the bands of Western High School and Western Middle School. We are about 325 families strong and growing. We are bound together by our love of music and dedication to an organization bigger than ourselves. We are a family. We are dedicated to Excellence. We strive to improve. We aim for perfection.

Western High School and Western Middle School are located in Auburn, MI and part of Bay City Public Schools. We are a "class A" district which means the high school has approximately 1400 students and the middle school has approximately 900 students. All 2300 of these students are currently housed in one building. Auburn is a growing community of professionals and farmers, entrepreneurs and tradesman. It is a community with a strong spirit and deep tradition.

Bay City Public Schools is a school district of approximately 9,000 students with two high schools, two middle schools, and nine elementaries.

The Western band program begins in sixth grade Beginning Band with classes in the following instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, french horn, tronbone, baritone, tuba, and percussion (bells & drumpad). The band typically has about 100 members. We meet daily for about 50 minutes and progress through our beginning band method over the course of the year. We put on two concerts (December & May). The Beginning Band is directed by both band directors: Ms. Schlosser and Mr. Heydenburg.

Students continue into the Seventh Grade Band which is directed by Ms. Schlosser. The Seventh Grade band puts on four concerts per year (October, December, March and May). The seventh grade year is the students first opportunity to participate in Solo & Ensemble festival and their first experience with Band Festival. Students may also participate in Academic Track and Jazz Band. Typically, the Seventh Grade band is over 70 members strong.

The Eighth Grade Band is also directed by Ms. Schlosser and is usually over 50 members strong. Students put on at least four concerts during the year (October, December, March and May). They also may participate in Solo & Ensemble, Academic Track and Jazz Band. Students also participate in Band Festival and may also participate in State Band Festival as well as MSBOA All-Star Band.

High School Band is actually broken down by semester. First Semester all the high school band members are together in one class: Marching Band. This band meets daily (roughly). This band performs many times throughout the semester, including all home football games, the biannual away football game at Central High, home basketball games, November and December concerts. Typically we have about 110 members in the marching Band.

Following the end of first semester, the band is split into two bands. Most students go in to the High School Concert Band. This band consists largely of Freshman and Sophomores, but occasional juniors and seniors may also be part of this group. This band meets every daily (roughly) and participates in several concerts through the semester: Festival (March), Spring Concert (April) and Celebration (May). We also continue to play at home basketball games.

Students may also get placed into the High School Symphonic Band by audition. This band is the school's elite players and consistently earns the highest marks at district band festivals. In fact, in 2001, this band was the first band in school district history to earn a "I" (superior) at MSBOA State Band Festival. The band participates in the same concerts and performances noted above for the Concert Band and also meets daily (roughly).

Students may also audition to be part of the High School Jazz Band. This class meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and some Thursday mornings at 6:30 AM until 7:20 AM. The band plays traditional swing music to contemporary rock and roll and has consistently earned high marks and awards and local Jazz Festivals.

Staff Information

High School Band Director- Mr. Craig Heydenburg

Mr. Heydenburg began working at Bay City Western in the fall of 1994. His previous teaching experience include teaching for two and one half years at Central Montcalm Middle School and High School in Stanton, MI; student teaching in Grandville, MI for one-half year and numerous positions as band camp staff for various schools in Michigan.

Mr. Heydenburg is the conductor of all the High School Bands. He also teaches beginning percussion, saxophone and clarinet as well as assisting with the Middle School Bands.

Mr. Heydenburg is a graduate of Mt. Pleasant High School. He received his Bachelors (12/91) and Masters (12/98) of Music Education Degrees from Central Michigan University. He majored in Instrumental Music and played the saxophone.

Mr. Heydenburg’s wife’s name is Amy. They have two children, Christina and Aaron.

Middle School Band Director - Ms. Heidi Schlosser

Ms. Schlosser began working at Bay City Western in the fall of 1998. Her previous teaching experience include teaching for two years in the Deckerville Community Schools; student teaching in Ovid-Elsie, MI for one-half year and numerous positions as band camp staff for various schools in Michigan. She has also been a staff member and conductor at the Herter/YMCA Summer Music Camp at Camp Timbers.

Ms. Schlosser teaches the Seventh and Eighth Grade Bands, and Beginning Band. She also assists with the High School Band.

Ms. Schlosser is a graduate of Bay City Western High School and Michigan State University. She majored in Instrumental Music and played the trombone in many university ensembles. She continues to play the trombone, clarinet and other instruments in area bands and orchestras. She is also an active member of the Michigan State University Alumni Band.

Ms. Schlosser has two children, Christopher and David.